About us

We care for you as we understand the market dynamics in crypto segment and risk associated with it, we try to solve the challenges you might face by developing a user friendly platform for all our AiBN family.

What is AiBN?

AiBN serves products related to Artificial Intelligence via its business network.

Where does AiBN serve?

As the technology is continuously evolving and growth of the market is growing at the rapid speed we at AiBN work tirelessly to serve all our customers around the world complying industry guidelines.

What is the primary goal?

The organization’s aim is to help consumers navigate the volatile finance market without any hassle using the help of it’s first product called ASCENT

How will AiBN achieve their goals?

Powered by Artificial Intelligence and sophisticated trading strategies, AiBN's platform algorithms access, assess, manage and helps users to book profitable trades in different crypto currencies most of the times.