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Introducing Ascent

A unique product where Artificial intelligence combines with Arbitrage trading with the help of leading Decentralized finance protocols which offers flash loan to traders with the help of smart contracts and then our AI suggest users a good and profitable Trades which they can execute and book profits directly in their wallets.

Choosing the right trading pair and execute ONLY PROFITABLE trades almost all times is beauty of this Amazing product ASCENT


  • Profitable Arbitrage trading

    Crypto Arbitrage Trading is a sophisticated trading strategy experienced traders and investors employ to capitalize on price differences of cryptos across multiple exchanges. This strategy relies on the fundamental principle that digital assets can have varying prices on different platforms simultaneously.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    ASCENT's Artificial intelligence in crypto trading is a program which monitors market activity and suggest user a profitable path using special algorithms curated for it so that user can make decisions based on market conditions and opportunities at that current time and efficiently execute profitable trades mostly. AI help users to make profits 24/7 despite of volatility in the cryoto market.

  • Flash loan

    A flash loan is a type of loan in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem that allows users to borrow assets without having to provide collateral or a credit score. This type of loan has to be paid back within the same blockchain transaction block.